2nd Annual Corporate Training Day
October 6, 2022

Hello Friends —

Thank you for supporting the Light Foundation’s 2nd annual Corporate Training Day, in partnership with Sig Sauer.

At a time when the world is in need of real leaders who are willing to step up and manage through the chaos, we were thrilled to be able to bring together some of the most revered warriors in the history of our nation for a powerful and immersive day of team building and leadership training.

It was truly humbling to spend time with our incredible Team Leaders, who included: Scott Neil, Troy Eden, James R. Cook, Curtis King, Zachary Conaway, Craig Palmer, Tram Holland, Charlie Novotny, Yancy Baer, Kevin Holland, Chris Fleming, Rick Lofton, and James Tipton. We were overjoyed to have new and returning veterans show up to provide a unique experience for our participants. Being able to interact with the team leaders, follow their lead and hear their stories first hand was inspirational for everyone involved. Lasting partnerships were certainly built as a result of this very special day. We are forever grateful for the service and sacrifice these veterans have made for our country, and there’s not a better crew out there to teach us all about operating under extreme stress, making split-second decisions, and leading teams through uncertainty.

A big thank you goes out to Sig Sauer’s Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer & EVP, Commercial Sales, Steve Gilcreast, Sig Sauer Academy Director and the day’s Range Master, and our respective teams — who put an incredible amount of time and energy into making this fundraiser a huge success. The money raised at our CTD will benefit the Light Foundation and HAVA – Honored American Veterans Afield – and will go a long way towards supporting both missions.

A huge round of applause to all of the Range Safety Officers, Range Assistants, and volunteers from The Haynes Group who kept the venue safe and the rotations moving along on time. Thank you to Jack O’Brien and the staff at Addieville East Farm for their hospitality, and to Paul Malloy of Feeney Brothers Utility Services for making sure the grounds were ready for all the madness and machinery.

We are also grateful to Justin Gabriel from the Gun Parlor for showing up once again to create a truly memorable shooting experience for our guests. The team at BENRUS also provided a generous donation to our Team Leaders and guests. Lastly, a big thanks to our beverage partners, Coke, Pepsi, Talking Rain/Sparkling Ice, Fit Vine Wine, Harpoon and Horse Soldier Bourbon, and our food partners, James’ Breakfast and More, Perry Rasso and Matunuck Oyster Bar, and incredible chef, Nick Calias, and his team who whipped up a delicious lunch, and also served a five-star dinner for everyone onsite.

Finally, we’d like to recognize artist Brian Fox, who launched his Warrior Series of military-inspired paintings at our Corporate Training Day last year with an amazing portrait of Kevin Holland, and returned this year to continue his process. It was a joy to watch him work and utilize his talents for two worthy causes.

To our guests, who came back in force this year to support this innovative event…we hope that military-inspired lessons taught that day translate to future success in business and life.

Thank you again to everyone for rising to the challenge and for making an investment in both the Light Foundation and HAVA!

Matt & Susie Light

The Light Foundation

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