Home town Visits

Fall – Hammond 2019

The Visit began with a snag because of a very heavy rainstorm which caused the Football to be scheduled for the morning of the visit. Both Hayden and Eric played in the game while Jalen and Will cheered the team on. Once the game was over, the campers had worked up an appetite and decided that Buffalo Wild Wings was the venue that would satisfy their cravings. While we were there, we discussed the Chicago Bears and watched some of the Collegiate Football Games that were being aired. Once we all finished, we went to Dave and Busters where all of us were able to win something, either from the Claw Machine or from the tickets we acquired. We spent a few hours there before I introduced them to the surprise, I had in store for them, Indoor Skydiving. Some of them were a bit nervous but you could see the excitement in their faces. We all suited up and got ready for the Wind Tunnel. Both Eric and Will were upset that they had to tighten their Jordan’s before going in. If they did not tighten their shoes, the shoes would fly up to the top of the wind tunnel and get stuck, something which we saw from the previous group. The first round of flight was a bit interesting since this was a foreign activity for us. It took us a few minutes to get familiar with the positions and commands we were given. The slightest of movements would send you in a different direction than what you intended to go. This activity required full concentration of our body movements and breathing so we would relax and not be tense. Once we went in for a second round, we all felt more comfortable and the instructor even let us do twists while we were in there. Once our flight time was over, we headed to our final destination, the Haunted House. Half of the group was not interested while the other half was ecstatic. We took turns on who would lead the pack through the house. The beginning started off slow and we all thought we were the brave tough guys but surely enough, the intensity increased, and we very quickly lost track of the time and the path to follow. After what seemed like 5 minutes but was 35 minutes of fright and anxiety, we were able to make it out to the end. By the end of the Haunted House, we were all sweaty and had worked up an appetite. We stopped to grab a quick bite to eat before going back to Hammond and ending the visit.

Winter – Hammond 2019

The visit began Saturday morning when 3 of the 5 guys, Eric, Milton, and Jalen, were picked up from the High School for breakfast. The other two, Hayden and Will, were not able to join because of Sectionals for Wrestling, of which they were competing in. The week prior to the visit, Eric had requested that we go somewhere for breakfast that had waffles because he had been craving them for weeks but had not had a chance to satisfy that craving. Because of this critical request, we went to the one place that we knew would have waffles…The Wheel House! The group stayed and chatted after breakfast until while we waited for the Wrestling Tournament begin. We arrived at East Chicago High School just in time to see Will walk up to the matt. Will was able to defeat his opponent by pinning him. Hayden was up next and was also able to pin his opponent. Both Will and Hayden had two more opponents to face in their respective weight classes. Hayden ended up finishing 3rd overall in Sectionals and would be moving on to Regionals the following week. Will ended up finishing 2nd overall in Sectionals and would also be proceeding to Regionals the following week. After the wrestling tournament, the entire group headed over to Sky Zone. There were many different activities such as a Mock American Ninja Warrior Challenge, a Free Jump Area, a Slam Dunk Area, and a Dodgeball area. After trying some of the activities, we went over and spent most of the time playing Dodgeball in the trampoline park. Before leaving the park, the group had collectively decided that they wanted Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then go to Dave and Busters afterwards. Little did we know that we were about to drive through a blizzard. After carefully navigating through the snow storm, we made it to both dinner and the arcade where we spent a few hours before heading back to Hammond thus ending the visit.

Winter  – Ohio 2019

Unfortunately, Trenton was not able to make the visit because he had suffered a back injury the week prior. Dylan and Dallas both ended up spending the night at the Station on Friday night so as to not the delay the activities that were planned on Saturday. The day began by having a Big Breakfast at Cracker Barrel. While waiting we each took turns playing the Triangle Peg Game that is at each table of the restaurant where one must take a peg and jump over the next peg in only the available spaces until there is only one left. After a few attempts, we were able to beat this game. We then headed to the North Slopes just outside of Cincinnati. We had to make the hard decision of either Snowboarding, Skiing, or Tubing. The three of us finally decided that we would go tubing for two hours and then determine if we wanted to do either of the other two. We were able to go through 3 different courses or slopes while there. Most of the time was spent by creating a train and trying to pick up as much speed as possible as we went down. There were a few times where we each went solo and tried different styles. Dylan was the first one to try going down while spinning the entire time. Dallas then tried going down backwards. Some of the other techniques were going down face first or even planking the entire way. At the end, Dylan and Dallas ended up racing solo against each other and the winner of the slopes ended up being Dylan! Instead of spending more time in the snow, we decided to head over to Canes, which Dylan claimed to be the best Fast Food Chicken place. He even claimed that it was better than Chick-fil-a and Popeyes. With this bold of a statement, we had to ensure that he was right. His judgement on chicken was actually very accurate. Once we were full, we headed to Top Golf for a few hours to play the different games they had available. Dallas ended up being the best golfer and won most of the games that we played. After our time at Top Golf had ended, we headed back to Darke County to conclude the visit.

Winter – New England 2019

The visit began with Lt. John picking up the New Bedford group and taking a trip up to Gloucester to pick up Joseph as well. Once the group was all together, they went to Olive Garden to have dinner before heading over to the Lodge. Everyone relaxed and watched tv by the fireplace because they knew the next day was going to be filled with activities outside. At the end of the night, the guys got a sudden burst of energy and decided to play Hide-and-Go-Seek throughout the lodge until about 2:00 am. Luckily, the next morning was the first time in the four years of doing visits that there was no rush to wake up in the morning. Everyone woke up around 8:30 am to Matt and Edgar cooking pancakes, eggs, and bacon for the group of eight. While the guys cleaned up the kitchen, Matt went down to the garage and got out the tank. Both the Gloucester and New Bedford guys had new idea what the visit was going to consist of except that we were going to be outside most of the day. When Matt rolled in with the tank, the looks on all their faces was of shock and happiness. They all ran towards the tank and once it came to a full stop, they all jumped in the back. Matt took us on a ride around the grounds. We were able to go over some of the steep Massachusetts hills and over some trees that were laying on the ground. Once we got back to the garage, the group ambushed Matt in a snowball fight. It then became a snow wrestling match where it was all the campers against Matt and Edgar. Needless to say, the wrestling then continued with another snowball fight. Since it had just snowed about 6 inches the night before, we decided it was the perfect time to go tubing. For the next few hours, everyone took turns in the tube while it was being pulled by the Mules that were on the property. The group then packed everything up and we went to dinner. On the way home from dinner, all of the guys were so exhausted that they fell asleep immediately in the car.