Chenoweth Trails, Greenville, OH

Fur Fish & Game 4H

“Our 4H club had a great time at Chenoweth Trail. As advisors we are very thankful for allowing us to use the space and look forward to future events at the facility.
Our events:
Our kids played kickball on the turf field for 2 hours!
Cooked over the open fire
Took a night hike and called in owls – very cool.
Enjoyed an evening around the campfire.
Took a morning hike identifying animal tracks along the way.
Did some camp clean-up”

Montessori Jr. High 

“Thank you for letting us use your facilities at Chenoweth Trails. I’ve been there before but never used it and wondered how it would work for our school. Well… it was amazing!! It was everything I thought it would be and more. It is so much better than the camp we used to go to… One of my favorite things was the astro turf field – it worked great for all of our activities” – Will Coomer (Montessori Junior High)

Canine Capers 4H Club

“The club really enjoyed their time at Chenoweth. We felt blessed to know it was right in Darke County! It was a nice getaway that was close to home. Our purpose for going there was to promote and build stronger relationships between 4H members, families and Advisors. Everything was perfect – there was more there than we expected and a nice place to have fun and connect!”

EUM Church Men’s Retreat

“45 men from 6 different churches came together to refill their spiritual gas tanks They will go back into their lives as better men! The facility was an excellent location for our retreat and we are grateful!”